1. Street and candid portrait photography - for beginners or intermediates

The beautiful and bustling city of Bath is a favourite location, 4-8 people


2. Documentary story telling - how to create your unique narrative

In my studio or elsewhere, 4 people minimum.


3. Developing your vision - taking your photography further

In my studio or elsewhere, 4 people minimum.

    The aim is to brush up your skills, develop your own photographic style, and have fun!

    You provide your own equipment and travel, I'll do the rest.  

Workshops -  £100 per person, minimum 4 hours

Private tuition - custom designed for you

A recent workshop with Frome Wessex Camera Club

We explored how to communicate with people on the street. Everyone learnt how to take both 'engaged' and 'disengaged' candid portraits, in a  very relaxed environment. Very few participants had taken such photographs before.

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