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Gina Miller

Gina Miller, book signing, Bath

Reportage, documentary, music and theatrical

The intent is always to help you tell your story, never just simply to record an event

I will set up a pre-meeting to fully understand your needs

Fees - Tailored to the gig, always including a representative selection of images

A small selection of recent work

Simon & Meyrem's Wedding

'Thank you, Mick. Meyrem was particularly impressed with your sensitive and intuitive understanding of the sort of photos she wanted. We are both thrilled with the results which will trigger memories for years to come'.

Frome Symphony with David Pagett

Scouting For Girls

The Mark Lockheart Quartet

Frome Festival 2019: Frome Street Bandits

The Holland Handkerchief, by Madeleine Herbert

The Coral @ The Cheese & Grain, Frome

Bath for Europe, 2018: Dominic Grieve

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