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The Khmer Rouge Genocide of 1975-79 was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1.7 to 2.2 million people – a quarter of the Cambodian population.

This book is about the personal, untold stories of Keo Sarath and Beng Simeth who suffered appallingly during that reign of terror. It is also a story of hope, of two unassuming individuals who went on to dedicate their lives to education. We first met Sarath and Simeth in 1999, and their memories of those times have never been published before. 

The book combines Mick’s photography of the aftermath of Genocide from the now silent Killing Fields with powerful and poignant narratives from Sarath and Simeth.

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Showcase 4 book oblique 759x500

Photo|Bath Showcase 4

Once more the Bath-based collective, Photo|Bath, published Showcase - a bigger, better version of new work by members. Mick's work is included.

The book launch coincided with the Witness Exhibition.

Details here

published 2019

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Showcase books 1-3

Photo|Bath  Showcase 3

New work by members.

The book coincided with the 'Unfinished' Exhibition.

published 2018

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26 Vinyl Records Screenshot 1

26 Vinyl Records

A project for the Fallmouth Flexible Masters in Photography.

Inspired by Ed Ruscha's 'small books', and in particular Twenty Six Gasoline Stations.

published 2018

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mobiles, music and merriment ... fun on the streets

There is a lot of humour on the streets. It's not all angst and loneliness. These street photos and candids were all specially taken for the book.

The collection focuses on three closely related themes; mobiles phones and their ubiquitousness in modern life, music, and the everyday fun seen on the streets. 

Successful submission for the LRPS (Licentiate) Distinction of the Royal Photographic Society

Hardcover, 102 pages, 33 x 28 cm. Published 2014

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Photo|Bath Showcase 2

In 2017, the Bath-based collective, Photo|Bath,  published their second book of work by  members. Mick's work is included.

The book launch coincided with the Alternative Facts Exhibition private view.

Copies are available here

published 2017

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Photo|Bath Showcase 1

In 2016, the Bath-based collective, Photo|Bath,  published their first book of work by 21 members. Mick's work is included.

The book launch coincided with the Storylines Exhibition private view and received much positive feedback in terms of the high standard of work and quality of production.

Copies are available here

published 2016

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Leica Meet

The Leica Meet

Mick's work was included in the The Leica Meet book, "A Selection of Excellence 2014".

It contains outstanding examples of contemporary Leica photography, curated from the thousands of images submitted during the first 12 months of The Leica Meet Group on Facebook. The book is designed to celebrate the artists' vision and versatility across many photographic genres.

Leica UK sponsored the book launch party on Dec 2nd in London.

published 2014

canvus ... painterly inspirations

a personal journey via art

original photography

digitally crafted in painterly style with Photoshop

published 2008

available on Blurb

smile ... a journey with the children of the world

During a vacation trip to Cambodia in 1994, we fell in love with the country and its people. But we were especially touched by the impact on children in areas still controlled by the Khmer Rouge, almost twenty years after "Year Zero".

Our personal journey led us to other countries, meeting hundreds of children, many of whom are pictured in this book. 

published 2008

available on Blurb

raw manifesto ... poetry from an edge or two

poetry and original artwork from 1966 - 2009

the words of life and meaning, alongside paintings from other times

original work created by the artist in ink, pencil, oil and acrylic

digitised in Photoshop

published 2009

available on Blurb

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