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Photographs capture a moment in time, never to be repeated. Yet behind all images, there is a story - what I like to call "an unfinished story". My aim is to capture that story clearly yet creatively.

CANDID PORTRAITS I love shooting portraits on location, looking for those spontaneous, interesting, truthful and often funny moments. As a street and documentary photography who has shot literally all over the world for more than 30 years, I know how to catch those images, whether out and about or in the studio.

EVENTS There are ways of seeing events as formal and structured - and there are other approaches which capture the unexpected. Both are usually required. I try to direct with minimal fuss and maximum discretion, but I will get the shot!

DOCUMENTARY & STORYTELLING When I started out in photography as a student, I really didn't know that I was documenting life. But it soon became clear that I wanted to better understand the lives of others. Not in some sterile or voyeuristic way. With affection. I try to capture the moment and the context, giving a sense of who, what, when and where.

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